EVA Announces refreshed 2017 Membership Levels

The Elmwood Village Association has made some slight changes to its Membership Levels for 2017, and we are using our new website to launch our refreshed packages for residents, businesses and non-profit members.  As a 501c3 non-profit community organization, the support we receive from members is a key component of our annual budget to support beautification, community advocacy, special events and more. In the past, we used a “rolling membership system” that expired about 365 days from the date of purchase, and our staff would spend a considerable amount of time watching expiration dates and sending out individualized renewal letters each month. That will change slightly.

Now, for a few reasons, we will move to annual membership that matches the calendar year. During the first quarter of every year, we will work to sign-up and renew our members in order to bring more predictability to our budget planning for the year.  And just as importantly, it is to our benefit to identify volunteer members as early as possible to build our capacity for neighborhood impact as our initiatives move from planning into action. After an individual becomes a residential member, he/she is invited to sit one one of the four member committees that help us organize and drive new program development. Similarly, we ask that business members send a regular representative to our Merchant Committee meetings so we can share updates and make plans for joint promotions.

Breakdown of Changes to Membership Benefits:

For Residents: The membership for individuals is an affordable $50, or just over $4.16 a month. We keep this price so accessible hoping to encourage many residents to take part, join a committee and receive over $50 in value back through member-only events and exclusive specials from merchant members.  We have also added the “Household” level at $150, including memberships for any two people, plus the option to have your membership recognized on the “Household Members” listing.  Simply put, we want to recognize and list those members online, and we hope you will opt-in to be listed alongside your $150 annual donation.  Furthermore, we feel confident that our new website helps us more effectively post information about many different things, including events, road closures and neighborhood milestones.

For Businesses (& Non-Profits): There are noticeable changes for recent members, and we hope that the outline of membership benefits helps to detail how we use our marketing reach to drive exposure for your brand.  The packages for businesses (and non-profits) are organized into Basic ($150), Partner ($275/$365) and Anchor ($500) packages that are closely tied to related online and social media marketing.  Here, we have made the use of our newsletter more predictable, and we are giving each member an individual page in our website business directory.  We understand how important it is to create in-person and online traffic four our merchant members, and we also work to create greater connections for collaboration.

Join the EVA in 2017 Today!

You will see us repeat this theme several times:  Your tax deductible donation is critical to our non-profit mission.  There is no automatic money set aside for the EVA; we work through memberships, grants, fundraising events, donations and allocations from local governments to build our annual operations.  We must pool our resources effectively to create greater capacity for the Elmwood Village, and we cannot do it without you!

Please select a membership and join the Elmwood Village Association.  If you join before March 10th, we’ve got a special for you!