To fulfill our mission, the Elmwood Village Association has member committees composed of a combination of board members, community professionals, and member volunteers.  Each group is charged with developing and implementing projects to improve quality of life in Elmwood Village. Committees are inspired by the Main Street Four Point Approach.

Design ​
The ​Design ​Committee ​reviews, ​develops, ​and ​makes ​recommendations ​on
grants ​and ​programs ​that ​contribute ​to ​accessible, ​inclusive, ​people-centered
public ​spaces ​in ​the ​Elmwood ​Village. ​Efforts ​of ​the ​Design ​Committee ​are
guided ​by ​community ​planning ​efforts, ​such ​as ​“Elmwood ​Conversations.”
Sub-Committees: ​Beautification, ​BMSI ​Streetscape ​& ​Project ​Selection,

Economic ​Development ​& ​Revitalization ​
The ​Economic ​Development ​Committee ​(EDC) ​reviews, ​develops, ​and ​makes
recommendations ​on ​programs ​and ​incentives ​that ​assist ​new ​and ​existing
businesses ​and ​promote ​economic ​diversity ​and ​entrepreneurship. ​The ​EDC
also ​reviews ​use ​of ​EBT/SNAP/DUFB ​programs ​and ​management ​and ​seeks
additional ​opportunities ​relating ​to ​the ​Elmwood ​Village ​Farmers ​Market.
Activities/Programs: ​Merchant ​Meetings ​and ​Socials

The ​Promotion ​Committee ​oversees ​and ​recommends ​marketing, ​PR, ​and
communications ​activities ​for ​both ​the ​Elmwood ​Village ​Association ​and ​the
Elmwood ​Village ​district. ​The ​goal ​of ​this ​committee ​is ​to ​promote ​a ​positive
image ​of ​both ​the ​organization ​and ​the ​district.
Activities/Programs: ​Map ​& ​Guide, ​Website, ​Collective ​Marketing