To fulfill our mission, the Elmwood Village Association has member committees composed of a combination of board members, community professionals, and member volunteers.  Each group is charged with developing and implementing projects to improve quality of life in Elmwood Village.

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The role of the Marketing Committee is to promote the Elmwood Village as a destination for shopping, great food and drinks, entertainment, and culture.  This is the social and promotional committee.  We highlight the village as a great place to live, including its designation as One of America’s 10 Best Neighborhoods.  We use traditional, online and earned media to showcase our mission, and recently, this has included improving the EVA’s use of social media.  We work to reinforce the Elmwood Village as a destination through special events, news features, joint promotional campaigns and expanded regional opportunities for tourism marketing, including targets from southern Ontario.  Help us promote this great neighborhood and helps us bring events and gatherings to life.  To get involved, go to the Marketing Committee page and fill out the sign-up form.

The role of the Design Committee is to enhance the physical appearance of the Elmwood Village Commercial District by rehabilitating historic buildings, encouraging supportive new construction, developing design guidelines, and improving the streetscape.  We do this all while invoking long-term planning aimed at preserving the unique urban character of the area.  We share information and timelines regarding development projects within the village.  This committee is concerned with the way that individuals interact with their built environment and strive to make the Elmwood Village a great experience for all.  Visit the Design Committee page to learn more.

The role of the Neighborhoods Committee is to give residents more information and ownership of the community and its shared goals.  This helps to maintain community safety, enhance neighborhood health and aesthetics, and promote responsible property stewardship and government accountability.  We all benefit when the neighborhood is safe, clean and walk-able.  We achieve this through connections with community and block club leaders that share information to create a closer knit community.  As a result, this helps us find increased opportunities for engaged residential members.  To learn more, visit the Neighborhoods Committee page and use the sign-up form to join.

The role of the Economic Development Committee is to identify, support and implement initiatives that will help strengthen the economic health of the commercial district and its surrounding residences.  This is where we get to dream and create new initiatives for community impact.  Recent initiatives have included building a strong demographic profile of the village, plus consumer behavior surveys for businesses to use to identify growth and expansion opportunities.  We pursue models that keep money local, and we use our website and social media to drive impact and awareness.  To get involved, visit the Economic Development Committee page, and use the sign-up form to join.

The role of the Merchant Committee is to create a direct connection between the Member Merchants and the EVA staff.  This is very helpful as we use our social media strength to drive exposure to the commercial strip, and we also use our role as a government liaison to keep merchant concerns in consideration alongside the concerns of our member residents.  The entire community benefits from the vibrant offerings on Elmwood Ave and nearby streets, and we recognize how important these members are for creating the destination that is Elmwood Village.  If you or someone you know would benefit from a Business Membership, please make them aware of our Business Membership benefits, and the ability to join our Merchant Committee.