Merchant Committee

The role of the Merchant Committee is to create a direct connection between the Member Merchants and the EVA staff. This is very helpful as we use our social media strength to drive exposure to the commercial strip, and we also use our role as a government liaison to keep merchant concerns in consideration alongside the concerns of our member residents. The entire community benefits from the vibrant offerings on Elmwood Ave and nearby streets, and we recognize how important these members are for creating the destination that is Elmwood Village.

Current Topics For Discussion, Planning & Programming:

  • Using the New website to showcase business Members.
  • Membership matching by the EVA to create a joint marketing budget.
  • Information on upcoming events, and opportunities for collaboration.
  • Street beautification and seasonal street lighting.
  • Understanding parking issues and how continually address.
  • The push for ridesharing in New York.
  • Everyday Issues affecting our Neighborhood Quality of Life.

Upcoming Meetings of This Committee:

  • (Dates subject to change with notice)
  • Tuesday, March 14th – 9:30 a.m. at 875 Elmwood Ave (Lafayette Lofts, Lower Level)
  • Tuesday, April 11th – 9:30 a.m. at 875 Elmwood Ave (Lafayette Lofts, Lower Level)

How to Join the Merchants Committee:

  • Become a Business Member! — Please join with an annual business membership.
  • Stay Vocal and Connected! — Follow our website and social media. Help us spread info.