Happy Anniversary, Turnstyle Designs!

As Turnstyle Designs prepares to celebrate their 2nd anniversary next week, I talked to owner, Stephanie Robb, and aromatherapist, Frann LaRocca, about their thriving business in the Elmwood Village. Stephanie, who is also the owner of Wild Things, has designed jewelry for many years. She incorporated her experience of jewelry-making and her love of clothing to open Turnstyle Designs. Frann, a knowledgable aromatherapist, contributes her talents to Turnstyle by blending personal scents for customers. Here’s what they had to say about the business, anniversary celebration and the Elmwood Village.


Q: What was your inspiration for starting this business?

Stephanie: “I had it in my blood for a long time. I did wholesale shows showing jewelry for 15 years, wandering the aisles looking at clothes and thinking about how I wanted a clothing store to go with my jewelry.”

Q: How would you describe your store to somebody who has never been in?

Stephanie: “Women of all ages and sizes can find their own personal style. We carry a lot of different kinds of clothing.”

Frann: “We have a really wide variety of styles; we try to find unique pieces you wont see in every store. This is a place women feel comfortable in, and they can take their time to try on and match pieces.”

Q: How have you seen your store evolve over the past 2 years?

Stephanie: “The business has really exploded with the synergy of Wild Things with the community and neighborhood people always coming in.”

Q: What do you love about owning a business in the Elmwood Village?

Stephanie: “The people—our customers are fantastic. People wander in after going to Kuni’s or The Place. It’s a great community.”

Q: How did you get into aromatherapy?

Frann: “I had an aromatherapy massage 25 years ago in Sonoma, California. It was very healing and transformational…I was fascinated with the results of one massage. It started as a hobby and then I started blending.”

Q: What type of aromatherapy do you practice?

Frann: “I practice holistic aromatherapy—I do the blending for an individual or a health professional. Holistic aromatherapy addresses the mind, body and spirit as one. Many diseases are stress related—stress could evoke skin or emotional problems. Aromatherapy can address different symptoms such as a migraine or hormonal problems.”

“We are all drawn to fragrance and to have the experience of creating your own signature scent is great because you don’t have to wonder what will smell good on you. It absorbs and mixes with your own personal scent and helps your balance and well being—it’s aesthetically pleasing and therapeutic at the same time.” -Frann

Frann also mentioned that people who have allergies or scent sensitivity find out [with aromatherapy] that they can actually be around some scents. People are scent sensitive to synthetics but using the essential oil is completely different.

Q: What will you be doing at the anniversary party?

Frann: “We will be making a botanical libation using lavender; offering John Masters organic skin care at 25% off. This would also be a good time for aromatherapy questions or set up an appointment.”

At their anniversary party, Turnstyle Designs will be providing aromatherapy cocktails and the experience of having a knowledgeable and friendly staff that can help you find your personal style! Don’t miss the celebration Wednesday, October 29th from 5:00-8:00pm! 298 Ashland Ave. www.turnstylebuffalo.com