Everything Beauty in the Elmwood Village

Everything Beauty’s name says it all– the salon meets all of your beauty needs. The salon’s eclectic and cozy style creates a welcoming environment that is sure to make any client feel at home. The owner, Karen Falzone, and I sat down by the fire in her comfortable salon to discuss her love of beauty, fashion and the importance of following your dreams.

Q: What inspired you to get into this industry? Why did you choose to open a salon?

A: “Purely for the love of beauty and fashion. I was choosing between designing clothes and doing beauty. I absolutely love doing beauty because I love to make a person feel beautiful.”

Q: How long has your salon been on Elmwood?

A: “I’ve been open for 5 years, but this salon has been a work in progress for 17 years.”

Q: What services does your salon offer?

A: “We are Everything Beauty—everything. We cover all of your beauty needs… Hair, skin, nails and waxing. I am also certified in sugaring and eyelash extensions as well as a licensed skin therapist.”

Q: How would you describe your salon to a new client?

A: “My salon is very eclectic, calming and tranquil. It has a classy, Victorian, New-York style flare. I was not following the mold of anyone else. I had a vision myself for the style of the salon.”

Q: What do you love about the Elmwood Village?

A: “Shopping at night! There is a lot of variety out there—a lot of original one of a kind things.”

In addition to owning Everything Beauty, Karen also owns the retail shop, Exotica Beachwear & Tanning, located next door. “I came here with the intention of getting back into designing bathing suits and then I also got into beauty,” says Karen. Next door the retail store offers a large selection of custom bathing suits, jewelry, and women’s accessories such as hats, purses, shoes, vintage clothing and art.

Q: How did you get into designing bathing suits?

A: “I was always at the beach with my family and I saw so many bathing suits and thought ‘I can make those.’ I bought a business from another girl; I bought all of her machines and she taught me for 6 months how to sew. From there it just spiraled… My real love is making clothing. I can express myself and design whatever is in my mind.”

Q: What does the future hold for your retail business?

A: “I am hoping to attend some fashion shows that I have been affiliated with to show my line. This is my dream and I plan on staying in this location for a while. I have plans for a new line of sportswear… I can also do home décor- reupholster chairs and make pillows, curtains. Someday I hope to open an Arts and Crafts room– to give back to the community by teaching children how to sew.”

With so many talents and business plans Karen says, “I believe in putting forth the dream and never letting go no matter what ups and downs get in the way of getting there. Never give up and do what you love! I am going to continue to do what I love because I feel so good inside!”

Stop by Everything Beauty and Exotica Beachwear & Tanning today at 156 Elmwood Ave. 939-3355

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