Cut & Cocktails at Chateau Lux Salon

On a chilly January afternoon, we sat down with owner Kerri Millioto in the warmth of her salon. Chateau Lux, on the corner of Elmwood and Auburn, is a relatively new addition to the strip, having opened July 1st of last year, but it’s already feeling like a part of the community.

What drew you to the Elmwood Village?

Kerri: I just always loved it- I lived in apartments down here even when I worked [in Tonawanda] … When we found this place, we jumped on it. It’s right in the best location here – and it looks like a castle!

Tell us about your team of Lux Girls.

Kerri: It was really just fate how the team came together.   Becca Zamorski and Chrissy DiLullo both came from a salon in East Aurora. Our clients have followed us here to the new salon, which I think really speaks to the talent we have here.

In a salon like yours, do you find that you have a lot of male clients?

Kerri: We definitely cater to men – I am actually looking into taking some classes to be certified in barber-style straight razor techniques… I would say 40% of my clientele is men. Men are actually more faithful, I think, than women are, when it comes to stylists because they come in on a much more regular basis, every two to three weeks, and most guys don’t make changes to their looks!

So what goes into to making Chateau Lux a “luxury” salon?

Kerri: Our stations alone set us apart- white leather chairs! I haven’t seen anything like that in other salons around here. I think our atmosphere helps people feel relaxed. We like to have fun, we’re not a stuffy place… And I don’t know if any other salons around here do this, but we offer cocktails to our clients- wine, beer, and, on Saturdays, we offer mimosas! Clients come in, kick their feet up, have a glass of wine- we do provide great services, but we want people to feel comfortable!

Chrissy: I think it’s the high-end products that we offer too. I’ve had people come all the way from the Southtowns just for the Tocco Magico color—it means “Magic Touch” in Italian. It has hyaluronic acid gel that restores the hair and infuses herbal extracts. Its shine is crazy, especially in the reds, and it’s eco-certified, too.

What do you see as being the big salon trends of 2015?

Kerri: Men are really taking issue on what they look like right now. The new thing for guys called the “Lumbersexual”- it’s the really coiffed, tight haircut with a big, manly, burly beard.

Chrissy: Vibrant colors are really huge now and I think they’re getting more acceptable in mainstream America.

Kerri: Yeah, like the mermaid colors- all the purples and the blues. Like tattoos- it’s all about being expressive with your hair!

Who do you personally find to be a hair & beauty icon?

Kerri: I love the strong, powerful women that can go really short- like Rihanna, or Pink? I love that look! To me, that’s a style icon. Someone who can really express themself.

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798 Elmwood Avenue

Buffalo, New York 14222


Cuts- $45 & up

Color- $55 & up

Cut & color- $110 & up

Highlights- $75 & up