‘Happy Hair and a Happy Spirit’ at the Jennifer Julia Salon

Jennifer Julia is one of Elmwood’s beauty salons located right in the heart of the village. Salon owner Jennifer Swift IIunga is the lead beautician and operator for the business that opened this past February. We had a chance to sit down with Jennifer and her assistant manager Jennifer Fontana, to learn about their unique inspiration and heartwarming story about their journey to their quaint location.

EVA: Tell us a little about yourself and your career journey thus far?

JSI: I had a salon in Clarence for seven years. Then my partners bought me out and that brought me here. I wanted to be in the Elmwood village for so long. Jen and I starting working together about 12 years ago and she came with me. A lot of my clients are from Clarence and followed me here.

JF: I never really worked so closely with Jen because I am an aesthetician and a nail technician. So we always worked together but were friends outside more. Her clients would say “When are you coming to Elmwood? That is just you, you have to be on Elmwood.” Eventually everything just happened and she found this place and it definitely was what she envisioned: a cute little place with exposed brick and hardwood mirrors right up against the wall….

JSI: When I first walked in here I got chills all over my body. I walked into my Pinterest board! Everything to a “T” is what I wanted. I am so grateful I can’t put it into words. You know when sometimes life is awesome and sometimes it’s not. This is definitely an awesome phase. It was a “no brainer” to eventually come down here and it has always been in my heart.

JF: Also, we are introducing our out-of-neighborhood clients to Elmwood again. It’s our beautiful city and all of the other things we have here like restaurants and shops. I always tell people like if you’re coming on a Saturday especially, bring a friend and this way when you’re done you guys could go out and about. We just  introduce to them to parts of the city that they didn’t know about.

EVA: You attended school in New York City, how does that influence your salon?

JSI: I trained at Bumble and Bumble University in New York City. We trained with stylists that are the people that do fashion week in London and Paris. It’s really intense: they put you in a group and give you a demonstration. After, we split up into groups and they will stand right over you to critique you one-on-one. It is such an honor to come from there. We have a girl that comes all the way from Pennsylvania because we are the closest salon that offers Bumble and Bumble. Every salon that has it, had their training at Bumble and Bumble University. So you know when you go somewhere that has it, you are going to get what you want. That consistency is really key and they train really well.

EVA: What is the most popular hairstyle that Elmwood seems to love?

JSI: My clients have really liked the Balayage. Its hand painted kind of like Victoria Secret hair where it’s lighter in the front. Its a free style and more artistic with less structured foils. It’s unique to the client and the way their hair lays and it grows out nicely. It’s not like a typical woven highlight. It’s more tailored to someone’s face.

EVA: What is something Elmwood might not know about your salon?

JF: This is such a quaint little salon. It’s nice because you get that one-on-one interaction with Jen. So its nice because she is really good at explaining a style and  the reasons why she is doing it. She just wants what’s best for her clients by sort of showing them how to style their own hair. It’s nice to have that experience because she will hand the brush to her clients and say ‘you do it’ and explain how to style. She will make clients feel good about their hair. They come in here and it’s just like a happy energy because we have wine and champagne and so they could have a glass while they are here. They leave here  and say “thank you so much, you just brightened my day”. They leave with ‘Happy Hair and a Happy Spirit’.

Jennifer Julia and associates always welcome new clients. Follow them on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jenniferjuliasalon

Instragram: JenniferJulia_Salon

Company Website: http://jenniferjulia.com/

Jennifer Julia Salon

616 Elmwood Avenue

Buffalo, NY 14222

(716) 882-1561

Street parking is readily available.

Hours: Tuesday: 11am – 9pm, Wednesday: 11am – 6pm, Thursday:9am – 9pm, Friday: 9am – 6pm, Saturday: 9am – 4pm, Sunday and Monday closed