Elmwood Villager: Spoiled Rotten

At 831 Elmwood Avenue, Spoiled Rotten has been a great staple in the Elmwood Village for years. The shop sells everything from stuffed animals for kids, candles, and a ton of Buffalo-themed items. Its owner, Katharine, says that everything in the store has to be useful in some way, that she doesn’t want anyone getting home and looking at their purchase thinking “why did I buy this?” Here’s what we learned about Katharine and Spoiled Rotten this week:

Tell us about Spoiled Rotten and how you got started.

We opened 14 years ago in August 2001. It was a tough time for businesses and for everyone, so we were extremely thankful to have been able to make it through the first year. At my previous job, I just really loved picking out products at gift shows and giftwrapping. The shop specializes in both gifts and general merchandise.

What is your most popular collection?

We started out with a small line of Buffalo products that really ended up changing the business. Now the line is a huge mixture of Buffalo-themed apparel and products. It’s great being in a place where people are so proud of where they live [#Buffalove]. Now I’ve started to create my own designs, including a Buffalo themed bath line launching next week.

Where do you find all of your products?

I used to do the trip to NYC for gift shows, but lately I’ve been utilizing etsy [etsy.com]. It’s smaller vendors and smaller companies. Many of the people I find and reach out to have never sold through another store like this before so it’s pretty cool for both of us.

What do you think makes EV special?

Elmwood village has the young, funky, cutting edge people along with families. Being here for 15 years, you get to watch the young people grow up and start families. It’s an urban area that doesn’t feel the same type of pressure to move out to the suburbs that other areas have. I get to see the same mohawked young guy from years ago getting married and having kids.

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