Elmwood Villager: BikeorBar

Bikeorbar, located at 904 Elmwood Avenue, is the first of it’s kind in Buffalo: a high intensity, indoor cycling studio with 10 variations of unique fitness classes to choose from, but with a focus on cycling and barre workouts. Barre is the dance/ballet inspired class that uses horizontal bars and mixed elements of Pilates, dance and yoga. It’s a serious toning session – all while listening to motivating power workout hits.

One thing is for sure, Bikeorbar certainly likes to make working out fun. The biking room features a state of the art sound system, with two widescreen TVs that play music videos, plus DJ lighting effects.

Brit, the owner, and her mother came up with the idea for Bikeorbar after becoming disappointed with routine spin classes that weren’t all that entertaining. Fueled by their desire for a better playlist, and an all around better atmosphere, the two decided to get certified and open their own studio. Originally, their idea was to have cycling classes in the back, and a juice bar in the front (hence the name ‘bike’ and ‘bar), but space was limited and they decided to replace the juice bar with barre classes.

Brit was nice enough to answer a few more questions for us about the studio:

EVA: What are the classes you have to offer?

Brit: It’s likely that you can find a class that suits your own personal needs and preferences. The studio offers indoor cycling (spinning), barre, booty/twerk barre, rowing, CrosSPIN (spinning plus circuit training), POUND, Surfset Yoga, Candle-lit yoga, Surfbarred, aerial/anti-gravity yoga, TRX, BOSU ball barre, plus combinations of many of these classes.

EVA: What’s the cost?

Brit: Your first class is $8, and there’s plenty of classes that allow you to bring a friend for free. After that, it’s $11 for a single class, $55 for a 6-pack, $99 for a 13-class pass, $98 for a monthly unlimited package ($88 for students), $149 for a 25 class-pass, which never expires, ($129 for students).

EVA: Why do you think people come back to Bikeorbar?

Brit: We know our customers by name and we really want the best for them. I think the nice little community vibe we have going on in the Elmwood Village is appealing to people, versus a big box gym setting. I also think our prices are affordable and that people see results from our workouts without spending a million dollars! People also come back to Bikeorbar because there are no contracts or membership fees; you can buy packages or pay per class- that way you can go to classes at your own leisure, without feeling obligated by a monthly fee.

EVA: How do you like being on Elmwood?

Brit: We love being located on Elmwood! It’s a nice spot because we get a lot of people that can ride their bikes or walk to us. The energy is fun and fresh on Elmwood, and we love contributing to that. We also like the fact that many students from Buffalo State and Canisius are so close.

EVA: Do you see a lot of students coming to work out?

Brit: We do. The classes are a huge stress reliever and we offer student discounts. Bikeorbar is also proudly participating in the campaign, “You’re in Bengals Country.” When you purchase a class or merchandise in the studio, you’ll receive two free tickets to a Buffalo State basketball or hockey game!

EVA: Are there any success stories you can share?

Brit: Yes! David Hooper is a great success story. He started working out with us in June, 2012 and has taken 950 group fitness classes with us (and counting!). He lost 85 pounds and kept it off at Bikeorbar. Currently, he’s a marathon runner and just completed his second 50 mile “Beast of Burden” winter race!

EVA: That’s amazing, thanks for chatting with us Brit!

At Bikeorbar, it’s all about the experience. Brit and her trainers want you to enjoy working out in a fun, high energy atmosphere. To learn more, you can check out their class schedule and reserve a spot on their website: www.bikeorbar.com.

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