Elmwood Villager: Pizza

As a fan-favorite at sports events, a movie night classic, a Friday dinner tradition and more, it has been proven that there’s never a bad time to indulge in a delicious pizza. In Buffalo, our local pizzerias have been recognized as superior to those in other cities, which further supports the need to run out and pick up a slice immediately. Specifically, the Elmwood Village is fortunate to have so many incredible pizza options that one simply cannot go wrong.

With the continuation of the Picnic in the Parkway Summer Concert Series over the next few weeks, the pairing of a hot pizza in your picnic will enhance your enjoyment of the concerts immensely. Luckily, there are a few pizzerias located near Bidwell for your convenience. Gino’s NY Pizza, located at 1009 Elmwood Avenue, offers New York-style pizzas to customers, which is unique in this area. Gino’s makes a variety of New York-style pizzas with a range of toppings. They also create several specialty pizzas, including a Greek pizza, Deep Bleu BBQ Chicken, Deep Dish Bruschetta Chicken, and many more. In addition to popular combos and specials, Gino’s is an Elmwood favorite because of its appeal to all diets; you can order a Vegan Pizza as well as a Vegetarian Deluxe pizza. Furthermore, all of these tempting pizzas are located in close proximity to our Tuesday concerts.

Mister Pizza, another popular pizza shop in the area, also offers a unique style. Located at 1065 Elmwood Avenue, Mister Pizza’s menu includes classic and delectable pizzas, and is known as a Buffalo favorite. Customers have the option to choose their crust, which ranges from classic to hot pepper to honey barbecue. Additionally, Mister Pizza now offers a gluten free pizza, ensuring that all customers will be able to enjoy their recipes. You can also add a plethora of toppings to create an Instagram-worthy masterpiece. Next Tuesday, try a new pizza from Mister Pizza’s menu and enjoy it on Bidwell Parkway with other concert fans.

With numerous pizzerias and endless combinations to choose from, your food journey through the Elmwood Village will not disappoint. For a complete list of restaurants and pizzerias in the Village, please visit our website.