Pets in the Elmwood Village

We know that your pets hold a significant level of importance in your life. Living in or visiting the Elmwood Village, owners and their furry companions can enjoy time together at numerous establishments and events, including shopping, eating, and, of course, walking.

Known as a very welcoming and friendly community, the Elmwood Village invites pet owners and pets alike to join the fun and enjoy the summer weather together. Throughout Elmwood Avenue, any passerby would notice the abundance of water dishes profoundly displayed on sidewalks and storefronts. The bowls are filled daily and placed by hospitable business owners and neighbors who understand the popularity and appeal of the village to owners and their dogs. With so many visitors, both human and animal, exploring the village each day, it creates an ideal environment for socializing pets with other animals, atmospheres, and people.

What makes this area so attractive to pet owners is the effort put into accommodating pets and general pet necessities. For example, Elmwood Pet Supplies carries a wide range of products for all animals, and proudly displays them in their vast store. Likewise, Animal Outfitters on Elmwood Avenue is attributed with an identity focused on welcoming all pets into their store and getting to know each pet on an individual basis. Located at 986 Elmwood Avenue, the store carries holistic and nutritious products, with the idea that your pet deserves premium treatment. Additionally, the store is one of many shops on Elmwood that gladly invites customers to dine with their dogs on their pet-friendly patio. The Animal Outfitters’ Café is open from April to November. Other pet-friendly, open-air patios include Ashker’s, Starbucks’ outdoor seating, Café Aroma, and Spot Coffee, among others.

To get ample exercise, Hoyt Lake and Delaware Park are popular sites for walking dogs. With plenty of green space to roam, both make for a perfect way to get outside in any season. In short, the Elmwood Village hosts a sufficient amount of ways to enjoy the community with your pet, including our Pet Parade in December. Take advantage of the idyllic weather, and discover all that the village has to offer you and your best friend!