Back to School

While it may be a topic many like to avoid as long as possible, it is almost time for students to go back to school. Specifically, students from local colleges are gearing up to return to school in just a few short weeks. Luckily, the Elmwood Village makes back to school preparation easy, fun, and accessible. From shopping to food and studying, the Village offers a multitude of ways to have your most successful year yet.

Start your day off right with a well-rounded breakfast from one of the many restaurants and vendors on Elmwood Avenue. Ashker’s is popular among college students, who love the variety of healthy and delicious options. Located on the main strip of Elmwood, Ashker’s is a great choice to either sitdown or take your food to go. Additionally, the Lexington Co-Op features a bakery that is famous throughout the Elmwood Village. Shoppers frequently stop here to grab healthy snacks to take to class, as well. For lunch, stop by Globe Market, Gino’s NY Pizza, or Spot Coffee for a fulfilling meal. With endless restaurants in the area, students are guaranteed to find the best brain food to fuel them throughout the day.

To look your best on the first day, spend a day shopping at the best boutiques in the Village. For quality women’s clothes and accessories, check out Half & Half, Anna Grace, Blush Boutique, and more. Each store carries unique pieces that will make you feel great when you get back to school. For quality men’s wear, browse the collections at Sole Man, Get Dressed, Bureau, and more. Customers will be impressed by the diverse styles and high quality found in each store. With numerous occasions to attend during the school year, the stores in the Elmwood Village will help you dress the role for each one.

The most important aspect of school, studying, can be achieved at the highest degree while enjoying a day in the Village. Talking Leaves books is a great option for finding required reading for a class, or an interesting book to help guide your research. Furthermore, students are often successful in finding a place to study and get work done. Starbucks and Spot Coffee almost always see students working in groups or finding a quiet place to study alone. Despite the undeniable and contagious energy of the Elmwood Village, there are countless spots to focus and get work done.

In your spare time, many people look for ways to stay in shape during the year. Fortunately, there are many classes and styles of fitness offered daily in the area. Because we live in such a scenic area, a popular fitness routine typically includes a run or walk around Hoyt Lake, and along the parkways near the Albright Knox. However, if you’re looking for more structure or a set schedule, try one of many classes taught every day. Two popular yoga studios, Evolution Yoga and Power Yoga Buffalo, teach numerous types of yoga throughout the week. Evolution Yoga holds several multi-temperature based classes, including various lengths of time. Power Yoga Buffalo teaches in a hot room, and offers classes for each level of intensity. For a more intense workout, students frequent Bike or Bar, whose classes include rowing, spinning, barre, and the variety of options that extend from each. Whatever your fitness aspirations are, the Elmwood Village can help.