Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts

This weekend is full of so many opportunities to capitalize on summer fun. With school starting for many students in the area in the coming weeks, this weekend represents the real last weekend of summer. Luckily, a highly anticipated event and neighborhood favorite is taking place Saturday and Sunday right in your backyard. Check out all that you have to look forward to at this weekend’s Elmwood Arts Festival!

The Elmwood Village is known for its creative spirit and artistic energy, which makes the Elmwood Arts Festival such a unique and fun event for our area. This year marks the 17th annual running of the Festival, and it has promised to bring inspiration to those of multiple artistic backgrounds. Dancers, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and more will enjoy everything there is to discover this year. Visiting vendors add to the colorful collection of the Elmwood neighborhood for a weekend. Additionally, kids will already be looking forward to next year when they leave the Elmwood Arts Festival. Kidfest allows them to be creative, through painting, dancing, building, and more. The opportunity to create and invent is limitless.

This year’s Elmwood Arts Festival has specialized in including sections of the event tailored to diverse lifestyles and passions. For example, new this year is our Healing Arts setup, where people can learn about the physical, mental, and spiritual ways to keep a healthy and balanced body. Located next to Panera Bread, the Healing Arts exhibit welcomes several Buffalo businesses, including the practice of yoga and homeopathy. For those focused on environmental conservation, our Environmental Row will satisfy your preservation efforts. Did you know that each year the Elmwood Arts Festival plants a tree on Elmwood Avenue? The festival is also 100% compostable; while attending this weekend, be aware of your waste and its impact on the environment. In addition, you will learn all about wind and solar energy, and how to reduce your carbon footprint. Get a head start by carpooling or riding a bike to the Festival. Lastly, our Cultural Row will be alive with pride and excitement throughout the weekend. Learn more about other cultures, or get involved in a new hobby. Numerous Buffalo organizations will be more than happy to tell you about their work and the cultural value they hold.

Make sure to stop by the Elmwood Arts Festival this weekend, and visit http://eafa.techriver.net/ for more information! Additionally, read this article posted by Visit Buffalo-Niagara to see the best aspects of the Elmwood Village that will be represented at the festival: http://www.visitbuffaloniagara.com/2016/03/5-great-reasons-to-explore-the-elmwood-village/