Statement from the new Executive Director

The EVA announced that Tony Maggiotto ( would take over as its Executive Director on November 1st.  Below is a statement from Tony:

I am very excited about this opportunity to work in the Elmwood Village community and use my experience and communication skills to serve a small role in a city I am so proud to call home. In July 2007, I started making original pro-Buffalo t-shirts as CityLove Clothing because I always believed that Buffalo was a great place to be, and to be from.

In my small business, I found connections to people that were as proud of Buffalo as me. I took part in pop-up events, festivals, school fundraisers and I operated a small boutique at 830 Elmwood for just under two years. In 2010, I began working with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Buffalo State and my familiarity with websites and social media made an important contribution to the office. Over four years, I gave many public presentations and I met with over 600 individual entrepreneurs to discuss their existing or startup businesses.

In my new role with the EVA, we want to be active communicators with all stakeholders and audiences with whom we interact. We perform the important mission of preserving and protecting the unique and historic nature of Elmwood Village neighborhood, and the future depends on collaboration and communication to increase civic involvement. The EVA has a large social media presence and we are brainstorming the best ways to publicize information about neighborhood projects, collect feedback from members and the public, and promote the economic vitality of the commercial strip. As always, the EVA relies on active members and volunteers to bring new programs and initiatives to life.

There are also great opportunities for the EVA to be a strong storyteller and cheerleader for the residents, shop owners and placemakers that are the heart of Elmwood Village. We will develop ways to tell the stories about the people that make Elmwood Village so great, celebrating their benchmarks, anniversaries, milestones and other contributions. We can do more to use our social media megaphone to publicize the great things happening nearby.

For the remainder of 2016, we are focused on picking up any projects already in development while I meet as many members, merchants and residents as possible. The EVA has a list of already existing meetings, events and programs that I am making certain to attend. Also, we have only about (50) shopping days until Christmas, and we will be reminding people to do gift shopping and put Elmwood under their tree.

*If you want to share feedback about the Elmwood Village, or would like to find info about how to become a member or volunteer on a committee, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks, and I look forward to serving all.

Tony Maggiotto