Executive Director’s Update #1

Thanks to the many of you that have reached out to our office since I joined to share your feedback and best wishes. Improving the quality of life for the Elmwood Village will definitely be a team effort, and I want to continually improve how we gather and share info…. including these updates below:

1. EVENT: The annual Elmwood Village Association Birthday Party is this FRIDAY, NOV 18th from 6:30-9:30 at the Saturn Club at 977 Delaware Avenue. We would love you to join! You can find more on our website and our facebook. — We have received generous sponsorships and we continue to collect quality raffle and silent auction packages from merchants on the Elmwood strip and around WNY.

2. SHOPPING: The kickoff to holiday shopping is about one-week away. FRIDAY, NOV 25th will have a morning “Black Friday Boutique Crawl” where Elmwood merchants are OPEN EARLY and offering specials and/or treats to guests. Help us remind people to Buy Local! Again this year, we’re helping to create a “punchcard” that encourage shoppers to visit new places and explore the entire strip of awesome merchants. The next day, NOV 26th is “SHOP SMALL SATURDAY” and there will be a Elmwood Shuttle sponsored by Councilmember Joel Feroleto available from the Gallagher Ramp at 499 Elmwood. There is no cost to park in the ramp this day, and the shuttle will ferry individuals to several spots on the strip. More info to come on our site.

3. MERCHANTS: We are planning two (2) merchant meetings, one in the morning and one in the evening on TUESDAY, November 29th to meet and engage as many member merchants as possible. Both meetings will be similar, and we hope merchants will be able to make one.

4. RESIDENTS: We will hold a more general meeting for residents in early 2017.  Among many other things, we should be able to announce the change to a newer website.

5. VOLUNTEERS: Do you want to get more involved? We need to refresh the opportunities for individuals to volunteer and participate in programs and events. Do you want to be included for things like events, cleanups, fundraisers, programs and more? Let me know if I can add you to a Volunteers Email list.

6. DEVELOPMENT: We continue to gather information about neighborhood development projects, and we simply wanted to make you aware of two new sites created by project developers.
— www.elevenelevenelmwood.com shares initial info about Elmwood/Forest.
— www.arborandreverie.com shares info about Elmwood/Bidwell.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for your support. Please share this info with all those interested.


Tony Maggiotto
Elmwood Village Association