The EVA Continues To Support “NYers for Ridesharing”

Since the beginning, the Elmwood Village Association has joined “NYers for Ridesharing” because we recognize the many benefits to visitors, consumers and residents of the Elmwood Village, city of Buffalo and entire Empire State.

Patrick Kaler, CEO of Visit Buffalo Niagara has shared with us two important resources for those individuals wishing to demonstrate their support of ridesharing in all of New York state. There is a list of contact information for local, elected officials that should be contacted to voice your support for a sensible, safe solution. Additionally, there is a form-letter that you can download, customize and send to the officials to make it even more convenient.

Thank you for joining the over 70 organizations involved in “NYers for Ridesharing” as we work to bring this opportunity into law.

Contact information for elected representatives.  |  Click to download you customizable letter.