Executive Director’s Update #5

Happy Festivus! — Happy Hanukkah! — Merry Christmas! — Happy New Year and more!! Thank you for the feedback, suggestions and questions you are sending in reply to these emails. We want to continue to learn more about what matters most to you in the Elmwood Village, and we hope to develop a strong bench of volunteers for 2017.

1. HOLIDAY HOURS: We have compiled DINING Hours for the next two weekends to help you plan your adventures, including Christmas EVE/Day and New Year’s Eve/Day. The contact info or website for each place is listed if you are
curious about open hours during another day/time.

2. RIDESHARING: The reemergence of ridesharing as a public lobbying effort is permeating the local news. There was a small planning meeting recently that explained the following things: Click to see a letter and contact info for elected officials.

  1. The goal is to have Governor Cuomo include ridesharing in his 2017 budget.
  2. The regulation of this service, including a NYS fee per ride, needs to be established. There has been some slight mention this may equal about .50 cents per ride.
  3. The model for liability and insurance needs of drivers is also being developed.
  4. The budget, and a separate bill outlining the permissible ridesharing regulations, will need to be passed by both the NYS Assembly and Senate before going into law.
  5. This meant that, without a special bill, the earliest use would be late March – early June.
  6. *There is contact info and a customizable letter on our site if you want to add support.

3. FARMERS MARKET: The weekly Saturday morning market will resume on Saturday, January 7th from 9a-12noon with the Winter Market location in Buckham Hall at SUNY Buffalo State.

4. GREEN CODE: The final version of the Green Code is going to be passed on Tuesday, December 27th and all pending development projects in Elmwood Village will be reviewed under the new, revised code. This information was communicated directly by Councilmember Feroleto.

5. VOLUNTEERS: This is a repeat. Do you want to get more involved? We need to refresh the opportunities for individuals to volunteer and participate in programs and events. Do you want to be included for things like events, cleanups, fundraisers, programs and more? Let me know if I can add you to a Volunteers Email list.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for your support. Please share this info with all those interested.


Tony Maggiotto, Executive Director
Elmwood Village Association