Welcome to our New & Improved Website!

Things are looking a lot different these days at elmwoodvillage.org, and that’s because we switched to the WordPress software platform for our new website, customizing a blog-based theme specifically for our needs. It is definitely a work in progress, but we feel confident it adds many capabilities for us.

Key features of new EVA website:

1. The blog function. This website is set up to allow many pieces of information to go out through individual blog posts. Separately, there are many static pages that tell information about our mission, membership, committees and more. The easiest way to tell the difference is the blog posts will always have a “date” much like a news article, or other time-sensitive piece of content.

2. The events calendar. We understand our role as the “community bulletin board” so we are expanding options for listing events and public meetings in an easy to view calendar at elmwoodvillage.org/events. We will also do our best to post dates and times of City of Buffalo public meetings of relevance to the Elmwood Village.

3. The business/retail directory. (coming soon)  In order to increase the exposure of our Member Businesses, we are giving each business an individual page listing in our “business directory” complete with photos, contact information and relevant links to social media.  This directory page is a great starting point for driving eyes and footsteps towards our businesses throughout the village.  As each member signs-up or renews their membership, we get the updated info and make your showcase page live.  We will keep adding categories and tags to search within our members.

4. The opportunities for e-commerce. (future)  There is an important opportunity to understand how, and to what extent, e-commerce can help us drive more impact for our business members.  Because we have a healthy social media and communication reach, we will look into ways to deliver that audience to our merchants and service businesses.  We welcome your suggestions and expertise, and please keep supporting the vibrant, unique offerings along our commercial strip.

Now, take a pause with me as I remind our audience that the Elmwood Village Association is a 501c-3 non-profit community organization and your support is critical to our mission.  Please consider joining today, and please connect with us for all things Elmwood Village.