Thanks to Those who Celebrated Pride with the Elmwood Village

Throughout the weekend, the Elmwood Village was abloom with color, energy, and pride. The display of positivity and excitement brings vivacity to Elmwood every year— and this year was no different. Because of that, the Elmwood Village is proud to house the annual celebration and thanks everyone who joined.

While those already in the community are familiar with the liveliness that defines Elmwood, some of those who participated may have only seen the spirit of the Village for the first time. Though the festivities come to a close at the conclusion of Pride Week, events such as these generate the vitality that defines the community and carries through from one week to the next.

To the newcomers who became a part of our community these past few days, thank you for bringing so much energy and positivity. We hope to see you again and build on the electric atmosphere that is always possible here. Try a walk down the strip or a stop into any of the locally owned businesses, and see the passion of the Village firsthand.