New Street Art on Elmwood

Ali Kolaga’s New Piece

Have you noticed a new piece of art hanging on Elmwood Avenue? This piece by Ali Kolaga is a new addition to the side of ShoeFly at 801 Elmwood Ave.

You can read her artist’s statement below!

This semi realistic piece and its warped faces was informed by reflections on societal standards and how they can manipulate our opinions of women. 

The lack of color and the shift between greys is to emphasize the ambiguity of racial differences. The race of each woman is both unnecessary to the painting and not readily identifiable.

Finally, the half face on the left suggests inequality between men and women. Despite an increasingly accepting and aware society, disadvantages persist. 

Each element works to complete the painting and reveal three displeased yet beautiful women.

Viewers are encouraged to find other aspects of the work that relate to modern day. It is less about the artist’s intention, and more about the emotion this piece invokes in its viewers. This piece is intended to shock viewers and remind them of the reality in which we all still live.