Elmwood Village Businesses during Covid-19

We are working closely with the businesses in the Elmwood Village in order to keep you up to date. We ask that you please continue to support the businesses as much as you are able to right now. This list is updated regularly. Thank you for your support.

Updated 3/30/2020

Acade Tax Service – open
Acropolis – takeout and delivery available
Aguacates Bar & Grill – takeout and delivery available
Anna Grace – online shopping available
Aroma on Bryant – temporarily closed
Ashker’s Juice Bar & Café – takeout and delivery available
Atelier Piras-temporarily closed
BikeorBar – virtual workouts available
Dr. Bob’s Dental
Breezy Burritor Bar – takeout available
Buffalo Fleece & Outerwear – online shopping available
Buffalo Hemp Supply
– phone orders available
Buffalo Skin Boutique – temporarily closed
Bureau– online consultations available
Caffe Aroma – open – new hours – 716-884-4470
Cam’s 24 Hour Store (We Never Close) – open 24 hours
Campus Wheelworks – open for repairs and free bike rentals
Cellar, The – online shopping and by appointment available
Charlie the Butcher – takeout available – also selling milk, bread, eggs, butter, sliced meat and toilet paper
Chaybans Tailor – appointment only – 716-835-3662
Cloud 9 Smokes & Vapor – open
Cole’s – temporarily closed
Community Music School – temporarily closed
Elmwood Crossing
Elmwood Discount Liquors
Elmwood Market Deli
Elmwood Pet Supplies – phone orders only 716-883-1377 or 716-883-1388 curbside pick up or delivery available
Elmwood Taco & Subs – temporarily closed
Elmwood Village Inn
Elmwood Village Liquor & Wine – open
Everything Elmwood – online shopping available
ECVA – Eye Care Vision Associates – temporarily closed
Evans Bank
Forty Thieves – takeout available
Fowler’s Chocolates – online shopping available
Fuse Salon and Gallery – temporarily closed
Gates Circle wine & Liquor– open
Gino’s – takeout available – 716-885-1777
Globe Market – takeout available – 716-886-5242
Glory Market
Great Wall – temporarily closed
Gutter Pop Comics – temporarily closed
Hardcore Tattoo – temporarily closed
Half & Half – online shopping available
Hand of Doom Tattoos – temporarily closed
Hodge Liquor – open
Hong Kong Kitchen
Hotel Henry – takeout available
Hunt Real Estate – appointment only
India Gate – takeout and delivery available
Inn Buffalo – open
Inspiration Point
ISSAMARS – online shopping available
Jacob’s Stained Glass
Jim’s SteakOut – takeout and delivery available
Joe Service Center – Open, one customer at a time
JT’s Urban Italian Cuisine – temporarily closed
Just Pizza – takeout and delivery available
Kallista for hair – temporarily closed
Karma Salon & Spa – temporarily closed
Kratom Shop
Lafayette Lofts Center
Lexington Cooperative Market – open with new hours
Lock & Key Escape Room – temporarily closed
Louie’s Texas Red Hots – takeout and delivery available
McGarretts – temporarily closed
Michele for Hair – temporarily closed
Mister Pizza – takeout and delivery available
Mr Goodbar – gift certificates available at www.thiniceonline.com
Neo Gift Studio – temporarily closed
O’Neill Chiropractic – call for availability
Overwinter Coffee – online shopping available
Panera Bread – takeout and delivery
Pano’s On Elmwood – temporarily closed
Parables Gallery & Gifts – temporarily closed
Parkway Hair Cutting
Pasteurized Tees – online shopping available
Perks Café – takeout and delivery available
Perks Attorney
Place – temporarily closed
Poster Art – temporarily closed
Power Yoga Buffalo – virtual workouts available
Red Door WNY – by appointment only
Reform Fitness – virtual workouts available
renew bath + body – online shopping available
Revolver Records – online shopping and phone orders available
Rin Thai Bistro – takeout or delivery available
Ró home shop – online shopping available
Root and Bloom Café – takeout and delivery available
Rust Belt Barbering – temporarily closed
Saigon Cafe – takeout and delivery available
Salon Rogue – temporarily closed
Santarpia Law
Sato – takeout and delivery available
Scoop Shop – temporarily closed
Second Chic – temporarily closed
Seven Seas Tattoo – temporarily closed
Shianne Waxing Studio – temporarily closed
ShoeFly – online shopping available
ShopCraft – online shopping available
Sole Man – gift certificates available – call for details
Spears & Co – by appointment only
Spot Coffee – temporarily closed
Spray Sole – gift certificates available – call for details
Squeeze Juicery – temporarily closed
Starbucks – temporarily closed
Studio 806 – gift certificates available
Sunshine + Bluebirds – online shopping available
Talking Leaves Books – online shopping and phone orders available
Taste of Siam – takeout and delivery available
Ten Thousands Villages – online shopping available
Thin Ice – online shopping and phone orders available
Thin Man Brewery – beer to go available
Thirsty Buffalo – temporarily closed
Tipico Coffee on Elmwood – online shopping available
TreeHouse Toy Store, The – online shopping and phone orders available
Turnstyle Designs – phone orders and by appointment available
Unitarian Universalist Church
Vania & David – temporarily closed
Vasilis Express Elmwood – takeout and delivery available
Village Beer Merchant – open – call 716-881-1080 for hours
Village Designs Boutique – online shopping available
VisualEyes – temporarily closed
Watson’s Chocolates – online shopping available
Wild Things – temporarily closed
Yotality Frozen Yogurt – temporarily closed

Resources for businesses:

http://www.wnyincubators.com/news/cares-act-money-for-startups-in-the-wake-of-covid – this explains the loans and grants