Lexington Cooperative Market – 807 Elmwood

About Lexington Cooperative Market:

The Lexington Cooperative Market is a community owned business with a purpose. We want to be the friendliest store in town with the freshest produce, bulk and prepared foods coming from local and organic farms.

Why Shop Co-op?

  • We’re mission based! We’re here to serve our owners and community by providing natural foods in a friendly environment.
  • Local and Organic! Organic produce is here every day, and we work hard to buy as much as possible from local farmers – look for the yellow ‘local’ signs or green “organic ones when picking up your fruits and vegetables.
  • 52 cents of every dollar you spend here returns to the local Buffalo Niagara economy. Now that’s local!
  • Fresh prepared foods daily. Every morning our chefs and bakers set to work prepping all that we offer, from sandwiches, to full meals in our Grab N Go case, to our salad, soup and hot bars.
  • Bulk products help you live more simply. Nuts, dried fruits, snacks, granolas, flours, beans, spices and teas – your dried goods are fresher and more affordable!
  • Organic and rBGH free milks, cheeses and yogurts.
  • Community owned by your neighbors and friends. By shopping the Co-op, you’re supporting a business that is proudly owned by over 10,000 people in your community.

Connect with Lexington Cooperative Market:

807 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
(716) 886-2667

Website         |   www.lexington.coop

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