Donate Now to the Elmwood Village

We appreciate your support throughout the year but now more than ever we are relying on community members like you, who love walking around the Elmwood Village by walking out your front door or hopping in your car and driving to the Village to enjoy the Farmers Market or the Bidwell Summer Concert Series. We’re still doing our best to bring you what you love – a safe, walkable, beautiful Elmwood Village. We understand you can’t order take out from your favorite restaurants every single night and there is only so much online shopping one can do to support the small businesses on Elmwood. We’re working on keeping Elmwood clean, bringing you music live streamed so there are no gatherings, and keeping our small businesses supported but we can’t do it without you. Please consider making a donation – great or small. It is tax deductible and the Elmwood Village Association and businesses in the Elmwood Strip cannot thank you enough. You can donate through PayPal or through Donorbox. You do NOT need to include your address if you do not want to.