EVA Clean Streets Appeal 2019

We come to you, our neighbors and supporters, to ask you to consider a financial contribution in support of the Elmwood Village Association’s (EVA) 2019 Hanging Gardens and Clean Streets Appeal.

This year, the EVA committed to a comprehensive streetscaping program including:

  1. the purchase of 23 large hanging gardens to adorn Elmwood Ave. light poles at key intersections,
  2. the maintenance of Elmwood Avenue street trees, tree beds and unused concrete planters, and
  3. the upkeep of benches, trash bins and other street fixtures.

Additionally, this year the EVA will purchase larger, re-usable baskets with a special liner to retain water in case of a hot, dry summer.

Throughout the spring, summer and early fall, the EVA Clean Streets Manager, supported by this appeal, will water the hanging gardens and tend to Elmwood Avenue street trees, fixtures and cleanliness. And the EVA Clean Streets volunteer team will maintain garbage cans along Elmwood Avenue, paint over and remove graffiti on fixtures and street signs, and coordinate neighborhood volunteer projects throughout the summer to keep Elmwood Avenue green, clean, and walkable!

With your contribution, I know we can reach our goal of $12,000 for the EVA 2019 Hanging Gardens and Clean Streets Appeal. Please show your support by making a donation today.

To get involved submit a volunteer form online, or email Ashley@elmwoodvillage.org; we are always on the lookout for volunteers!